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ABout the SRTS Plan

This SRTS Plan outlines a comprehensive vision for improving walking and bicycling near Rancho Cordova Schools, along with an implementation strategy to help the City realize this vision by pursuing individual projects or coordinating with complementary efforts. This Plan also helps the City meet goals, policies, and actions identified in its General Plan, as well as its Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans.

how to use the report

For each school within this report, potential engineering recommendations are presented in graphic improvement plans with accompanying sections that identify the agency intended to implement the recommendation. Most recommendations are on City right-of-way, but improvements on school property could be pursued by the school or district.

Review Phase 2 

The Phase 2 recommended route maps and improvement plans are now available for review and feedback. 

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Download the phase 1 full Report

The Final Phase 1 report is now available for download. 

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