KInney High School

*Map Updated May 2020

Past Events

The City is looking to continue improving safe walking and biking routes to Kinney High School. The City will use data collection methods, including bike and walk to school counts, parent surveys, and walk audits, to understand current barriers to active transportation.

Walk Audit

January 16, 2020

8:15 am - 9:45 am

ABout the SRTS Plan

This Final SRTS Master Plan outlines a comprehensive vision for improving walking and bicycling near Rancho Cordova Schools, along with an implementation strategy to help the City realize this vision by pursuing individual projects or coordinating with complementary efforts. This Plan also helps the City meet goals, policies, and actions identified in its General Plan, as well as its Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans.

SRTS Recommendations for Kinney High School

The following document presents identified challenges and recommended engineering improvements and program activities at Kinney High School. These recommendations are based on community, school staff, City staff, and partner agency input gathered through walk audits and pop up events at each school, a community workshop, and the project website.