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During the development of the City of Rancho Cordova’s Pedestrian Master Plan (adopted 2011) and the Bicycle Master Plan (adopted 2016), City staff worked with school administrators to identify concerns and opportunities to access Rancho Cordova’s school sites. In general, school administrators were looking for more visible pedestrian crossings of streets adjacent to schools, along with signing that alerts drivers to student activity.  The information identified led to the need for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Master Plan, focused specifically on access to and from schools in Rancho Cordova.


​The development of the SRTS Master Plan will be performed through interaction with appropriate stakeholders from the City, school districts, students, parents, and community members to identify infrastructure and program improvements needed to provide a safe and connected network that will promote walking and bicycling to schools. The project will also include the initial planning work necessary to enable the City to be competitive in seeking Active Transportation Program funding to finance needed infrastructure improvements. 


The Plan is being developed in two Phases.  Phase 1, conducted from Fall 2018 through Summer 2019, included the following schools:

  • Cordova Meadows Elementary School

  • Cordova Gardens Elementary School

  • Peter J.Shields Elementary School

  • Williamson Elementary School

  • Rancho Cordova Elementary School

  • White Rock Elementary School

  • Cordova Village Elementary School

  • Navigator Elementary School

  • A M Winn Elementary School

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

  • Mills Middle School

  • W E Mitchell Middle School

  • Cordova High School

Phase 2, beginning in Summer 2019 and continuing through the Fall, will include a number of additional private and non-traditional public schools in Rancho Cordova. 


The complete SRTS Master Plan will cover all Phase 1 and 2 schools and is expected to be completed by December 2019.

Community outreach

Through a variety of opportunities, parents, students, school staff, and community members have played a key role in understanding the existing conditions around school and in informing recommendations for the Safe Routes to School Master Plan. A stakeholder advisory committee, consisting of school staff, Sacramento County Public Health, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, Rancho Cordova Parks District, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Sunriver Neighborhood, and Bicycle Advocates of Rancho Cordova (BARC), provided high-level guidance on this Plan and helped share information about the project with their organizations and community.


Phase 1 Schools:

  • Walk audits were held October – December 2018 at the schools to observe pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver behavior near schools with school staff, project team members, and parents.

  • School pop-ups were held March – April 2019 schools to gather additional information from students, parents, and staff about traffic safety

  • A public community workshop was held in May to present draft recommendations and suggested routes for schools identified under Phase 1. 


Phase 2 Schools:

  • Walk audits will be performed during September-October 2019, followed by a public community workshop to present safe routes to school recommendations.



The project timeline is subject to change.

Information will be updated as it becomes available.




Phase 2 Additional Schools

  • Conduct School Walk Audits



Final Master Plan and Public Hearings

  • Develop Infrastructure & program recommendations

  • Develop suggested routes to school maps

  • Conduct student travel tallies and parent surveys (optional)



Provide Draft reports to the City/School

Hold Public Workshop



Final Master Plan including all Phase 1 and 2 Schools



Project Kickoff

Existing Conditions Review



Advisory Committee Formed


Phase 1 School Audits:

  • School Walk Audits

  • Bike & Walk to School Counts

  • Parent Surveys



Develop Draft Recommendations, Phase 1 Schools



School Pop-Up Events

Advisory Committee Feedback

Present Draft Recommendations to Public, Phase 1 Schools

Community Workshop



Finalize Recommendations for Phase 1 Schools

  • Conduct Outreach to Additional Phase 2 Schools

Upcoming Events

Here is a look at upcoming outreach events for the development of the Safe Routes to School Master Plan. 

No upcoming events at the moment


The primary focus of the Master Plan is on the fifteen schools located within the City of Rancho Cordova. Each school will be evaluated through walk audits, parent surveys, and pop-up events to identify opportunities to continue creating safe routes to school. 

Folsom Cordova Unified School District and Sacramento City Unified School District Disclaimer: This is not a Folsom Cordova Unified School District or Sacramento City Unified School District sponsored program. Any opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the District(s) or school personnel. The District(s) accept no liability or responsibility for this program/activity.

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